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 “I would highly recommend anyone who wants to better their life in some way to make an appointment with Terry immediately. Don’t wait!”
B. McCloud, Melbourne Beach, FL

Who will hypnotize me?

Terry Gurley is a highly qualified professional hypnotist who is certified and registered with the National Guild of Hypnotists. She is bound by professional ethics and the laws of the state of Florida in which she is practicing. Terry holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communication with a concentration in Public Speaking. In addition, Terry has acquired extra certification in the advanced hypnotherapy system called 5-PATH™, and she is a certified 7th Path self-hypnosis teacher.

Rest assured that Terry will treat you with the utmost kindness and respect and that your visits are completely confidential.

Terry’s Story

It was in 1985 that Terry had her first experience with hypnosis. At that time, she had a shameful secret that no one else knew about. She didn’t eat much during the day when she was around other people, but at night, when she was home alone, she would compulsively overeat. Sometimes she would even wake up out of a sound sleep and almost sleep walk into the kitchen where she would eat whatever she could find. That is what is now referred to as “Night Eating” and there are books on the subject and even support groups. Unfortunately, these options weren’t available back then, which is why she felt very alone and ashamed.

It wasn’t until after having this shameful secret for many years that she finally got an intuitive nudge to try hypnosis. She wasn’t quite sure where that idea came from as she didn’t know anything about it back then; but she was desperate and willing to try anything. So she went for three weekly 30-minute sessions, along with listening to an audio recording a couple of times, and to her total surprise and delight, after the very first session, she stopped the embarrassing habit of compulsively eating at night…What a relief!

So, Terry learned firsthand, and at a very young age, that hypnosis worked.

At that time, Terry worked in the corporate world and she successfully used hypnosis to help with a variety of issues including stress/anxiety, fear of public speaking, quitting smoking, study concentration, test anxiety, and much more. Then in 1995 she took her first class in hypnosis. Initially she used it to help friends and family make positive changes.

Then, a few years later during a big turning point in her life (she had quit the corporate world and gone back to school), Terry turned to hypnosis once again. This time, the hypnotist suggested that Terry would become very clear as to what her next step was on her path regarding her career. Terry was very excited about this, as she was unclear as to what to do next. She knew she wanted to help people and make a difference, but she didn’t know exactly how. After three sessions with this hypnotist, Terry found herself frantically searching for a hypnosis school. She actually called the hypnotist and asked, “Did you hypnotize me to be a hypnotist?” Of course, the answer was no. She just suggested that Terry would be very clear on what she should do next regarding her career. Terry already knew firsthand that hypnosis works, so she was thrilled with the insight. After all, what better way to help people than with something she had so much faith and experience in herself? She even wondered why she hadn’t thought of becoming a hypnotist before.

From there she went to more formal training at the Banyan Hypnosis Center for Training and Services, which is where she learned the advanced hypnotherapy system of 5-PATH, as well as became a Certified 7th Path Instructor.

Terry is very happy using hypnosis to help people make positive changes in their lives, and it shows.  She feels like she has finally found her true calling.


Who Will Hypnotize Me?