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Myths and Misconceptions?

The hypnotist or hypnotherapist has control over you. This is the most common myth and it comes from Hollywood (Movies like Shallow Hal and Office Space) and Stage Hypnosis. But as in ALL myths, it simply is not true. You have total control during the sessions. If a hypnotist ever did suggest something that you did not agree with, for whatever reason, you would simply dismiss the suggestion. If the hypnotist continued to suggest things that you were not comfortable with, you would actually emerge yourself. You have total control during hypnosis.

You will tell your deep, dark secrets. At all levels of the mind (conscious, subconscious, and unconscious), there are protective functions at work for your protection.

I will be asleep or out of it. Many people think or assume that hypnosis is like a deep sleep and that they won’t remember what happened during the session but that is not the case. You will be deeply relaxed “as if” you were asleep, but your mind will be receptive and attentive to everything that is said. You will be able to hear the hypnotist’s voice throughout the session. So although you will be deeply relaxed, you will not be asleep or out of it.

You can get stuck in hypnosis. It is impossible to get stuck in hypnosis. You can emerge yourself at any time if you choose to.

I can’t be hypnotized. Not that long ago, it was believed that only about 20% of the population could be hypnotized. But now we know that pretty much everyone can be hypnotized. As long as the client is of normal intelligence, and is willing and able to follow instructions, she/he will do fine. And, the more you do hypnosis, the more easily it will be for you to go into hypnosis (and the deeper you will go).

What is hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is the applied use of hypnosis. In the Merriam-Webster dictionary, therapy is defined at the treatment of bodily, mental, or behavioral disorders. Therapy can also be defined as anything that is done to move someone toward health and wholeness. Thus, hypnotherapy is nothing more than the use of hypnosis to help a client move toward health and wholeness.
Note: For any medically related issues, a doctor’s note will be required.

Can I be hypnotized?

Of course you can! Anyone of at least normal intelligence, who has the willingness to follow instructions can experience hypnosis and use it to improve his or her life. This includes children and teenagers.

And guess what? you already have been hypnotized, many times. Hypnosis is a normal state= of mind that everyone has experienced on several occasions. In fact, such mind, often times people don’t even realize when they are hypnotized. Normal, everyday occurs driving down the road and lose track time, or, focusing book or television program, notice what going around you. So, yes, for most people, it’s easy to be all need willing able follow instructions hypnotist, can make wonderful, positive changes in your life.


Myths and Misconceptions